Abraham Hasbrouck House - built in three stages 1721, 1728, 1734-41

2021 – The Hasbrouck Family Association Celebrates the 300th Anniversary 

of New Paltz’s Abraham and Jean Hasbrouck Houses

A 300th Anniversary is a rare and special event! The Hasbrouck Houses on Huguenot Street are in spectacular condition. The Abe House looks wonderful, restored to its 1760 appearance, and with a beautiful new roof the Jean House is looking great.

To observe this milestone of our family legacies, the HFA Directors have authorized a first time ever 300thAnniversary Life Membership Discount! For the year 2021, the cost of up to four Life Memberships will be halfthe normal price. Even more amazing, the cost of the fifth or more Life Memberships will be one-quarter of the normal price! There is no cap on the number of Life Memberships purchased, however they must be bought at the same time. This offer will end on December 31st.

Here are the details:
Life Membership for someone under age 65 is normally $350. For 2021, the price of Life Memberships 1 through 4 is $175 each. A bundle package of 5th, 6th, etc. is purchased for $87.50 each.

Life Membership for 65 or older lists for $200. 2021’s discounted price for 1 to 4 Life Memberships is $100 each. Purchasing a bundle package (5th, 6th, etc.) is $50 each.

The savings in this 300th Anniversary Life Membership Discount offer are simply amazing! The more members a person signs up, the greater the savings. Families are encouraged to sign up everyone. Parents and grandparents – sign up your children and grandchildren. Friends – sign up additional friends and those with an interest in history.

For life memberships 1 to 4, click on the Become a Member or Gift Membership buttons to the right and complete the memberships. To sign up the 5th and more life members, please email the HFA Office (hasbrouckfamily1957@gmail.com) and provide contact information for instructions.

Our houses, with loving care, have withstood the test of time. In becoming a ‘lifer’ in the Hasbrouck Family Association, you are an essential part of ensuring that the houses continue for another 300 years. Make you and your family part of the larger Hasbrouck Family. Join today!

Hasbrouck, Hasbrook, Hasbrooke, HasBrook, HasBrouck, Hasbroek

Though the name is spelled in a variety of ways, it is accepted that virtually all Hasbrouck’s in America are descended from the brothers Jean and Abraham, French Huguenots, who both arrived in America in the early 1670’s. The stone houses their families built in 1721 still stand on Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY. 2021 marks the 300th Anniversary of the houses’ construction!

The Organization: The Hasbrouck Family Association (HFA) was founded in 1957. Its primary goals were the purchase of the Abraham Hasbrouck House and the documentation of family history. (The Jean Hasbrouck House already belonged to the Huguenot Historical Society, with which HFA is affiliated.) The Association now has a membership of about 300. It holds an annual gathering in New Paltz and publishes a newsletter that addresses items of common interest regarding the houses and our heritage, as well as topics submitted or requested by members. It also solicits, maintains, and makes available family genealogy information, as well as historical information. If you are a Hasbrouck descendent and not already a member of HFA, you can join today by selecting the ‘Become A Member’ button to the right.

Genealogy: Kenneth E. Hasbrouck, Sr. devoted more than 45 years to documenting the brothers’ lines of descent. The results of his efforts are published in The Hasbrouck Family In America, Volumes I-VI, including European background in Volumes I & II. In the Preface of Volumes I & II, Kenneth wrote: “Our ancestors, the brothers Jean and Abraham, who married the sisters Anna and Maria Deyo, were indeed individualists! Jean was the eldest, a devout man, quiet, steadfast, firm in his convictions, home-loving and a very good business man. He was content to dwell in simplicity and did not seek public office. His brother Abraham was more socially inclined……. He was an army man with many acquaintances. He accepted positions that took him among the Dutch and away from home. Both brothers had a high regard for learning and family unity. It is interesting to note that some of the characteristics of the brothers have come down to this very day.”