Family Officers

Elected: (These comprise the Board of Directors)

Thad C. Hasbrouck, President
Robert C. Hasbrouck, Jr., First Vice President
John O. Delamater, Vice President
Robert H. Freehill, Vice President
Derek W. HasBrouck, Vice President
Rebecca J. Hasbrouck, Treasurer

Appointed by the President:
Meryl S. Brown, Corporate Secretary

HFA Directors (L-R): Rebecca J. Hasbrouck, Robert H. Freehill, John O. Delamater, Thad C. Hasbrouck, Robert C. Hasbrouck, Derek W. HasBrouck

Board of Directors Biographies:

Thad C. Hasbrouck, President, lives in Connecticut with his wife. Prior to being President, he was the HFA Treasurer for six years. Retired from a career in education administration, he has interests in photography and old house restoration. His lineage can be traced to both Abraham and Jean Hasbrouck. In addition to oversight of HFA activities, Chuck oversees Communication activities, including the newsletter and electronic sites (HFA webpage and Facebook).

Robert C. Hasbrouck, First Vice President, live in New Jersey with his wife. A member of the HFA Board for over thirty years, Bob also served as President for four years. With a career in criminal justice, Bob also has a seat on the board for the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators. He is a descendent of Abraham Hasbrouck. Bob’s board responsibility is Membership Development.

John O. Delamater, Vice-President, an Abraham and Jean Hasbrouck descendent, lives in New York State, close to New Paltz on an historic property. A lawyer in Manhattan, John has had his own practice and been a partner in firms during his career. John has been active for many years in the Holland Society while living in the city. A long-serving HFA Director, including serving as President in the past, John has provided sage legal advice as needed. John’s board responsibility is Historic Preservation & Restoration.

Robert H. Freehill, Vice-President, lives in New York State with his wife, and is a descendent of Abraham Hasbrouck. An attorney, Robert has served as a judge in Orange County leading several judicial programs. He is an officer of the County Court Judges Association. On the HFA Board, Robert is responsible for oversight of Collections and Acquisitions, as well as the Scholarship Committee.

Derek W. HasBrouck, Vice-President, is a tenth generation descendent of both Abraham and Jean Hasbrouck. Raised in New York State, Derek currently lives in New Hampshire. His career has been in Energy Consulting, currently in a partnership position. Derek’s Board responsibility is Investment Portfolio Oversight. The spelling of his name is traced to his great-grandfather who added the capital ‘B’ in order to clear up confusion about mail delivery.

Rebecca J. Hasbrouck, Treasurer, a twelfth generation descendent of Abraham Hasbrouck, lives in New York State with her husband and infant daughter. A Certified Public Accountant, Rebecca currently is a company comptroller. An excellent student, Rebecca was the recipient of a Hasbrouck scholarship while in college, and received her alma mater’s Aluma/us of the Year in 2013. As HFA Treasurer, Rebecca is responsible for maintaining the financial records; she is on the Scholarship Committee as well.

Minutes of Hasbrouck Family Association Annual Meetings:

Robert W. and Astrid Hasbrouck honored on his retirement after 25 years as President of HFA in 2019

 About the HFA:

The Hasbrouck Family Association (HFA) was founded in 1957. Its initial goals were the purchase of the Abraham Hasbrouck House and the documentation of family history. (The Jean Hasbrouck House already belonged to the Huguenot Historical Society, with which HFA is affiliated.) With the tireless leadership of Kenneth E. Hasbrouck, Sr., the organization grew.

HFA has four principal purposes:

1. To support, preserve, furnish and maintain as a museum, the Abraham and Jean Hasbrouck Houses on Huguenot Street, New Paltz, NY, presently administered by Huguenot Historical Society of New Paltz, NY as an example of the Huguenots’ lifestyle and their contributions to early American history; and to assist the support, preservation and maintenance of other sites as authorized by our charter or certificate of incorporation.

2. To maintain and continue the genealogical and historical records of the family.

3. To publicize, both within the Corporation and publicly, items of interest that relate to family and Corporation members, whether historical or current.

4. To foster our Huguenot heritage and ideals in education, freedom of thought and family life.

With a membership of about 300, the Association holds an annual gathering in New Paltz and publishes a newsletter that addresses items of common interest regarding the houses and our heritage, as well as topics submitted or requested by members. Maintaining family genealogy information, it is available to HFA members. HFA awards academic scholarships annually.

HFA offers a number of family-related items for sale. Use the HFA Store link button to the right.           (A portion of each sale goes to the HFA General Fund.)