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Historic Matthew Hasbrouck House – Convis, MI

Throughout the 1800’s, there are countless stories of Americans’ wanderlust – traveling westward to frontier states and territories. Matthew Hasbrouck and his bride, Hannah Elting, followed this path. Eventually, they purchased a stone house in Convis Township, located near Battle Creek, Michigan.

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More about A. Bruyn Hasbrouck & the Sojourner Truth Court Documents

The March 2022 issue of the HFA Journal featured an article about the New York State Archives’ very recent discovery of the 1828 court documents filed by A. Bruyn Hasbrouck on behalf of Isabella Van Wagenen (Sojourner Truth). We’ve since learned from Paul O’Neill, noted Kingston attorney and local historian familiar with the case, that A. Bruyn Hasbrouck was not Sojourner’s lawyer; rather that he was the Commissioner who presided and ruled on the case. Attorney O’Neill has courteously provided the following account of A. Bruyn and his role in the case:

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