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Another Hasbrouck House on Huguenot Street

This is an updating of an article that was published in the February 2001 edition of the HFA Journal, originally written by Robert W. Hasbrouck, Jr.

Most of you are certainly aware of the two historic Hasbrouck family stone houses owned by HHS on Huguenot Street in New Paltz and built by the sons of Jean and Abraham Hasbrouck in 1721. But in fact, there are three Hasbrouck houses on the Street. The third one (see photo) was owned and occupied by HFA member Richard Relyea Hasbrouck until his death in 2015. It has remained relatively unknown to the larger Hasbrouck family as it is a private home and is about a half mile north of the HHS-owned houses, at 193 Huguenot Street.

Jacob Hasbrouck, Jr., a grandson of Jean the Patentee, built the house in 1786.  Born in 1727, he never knew Jean (who died in 1714); but he grew up in the Jean house on Huguenot Street, continued to live there after his marriage to Jannetje DuBois in 1751, and inherited it when his father died in 1761. With his business at the house, he was storekeeper to the community as his father had been for many years.  During the Revolutionary War he became a major in the Ulster County militia and was known thereafter as Major Hasbrouck. In 1786, at age 59, he turned over the store at the Jean House to his 31-year-old elder son, Josiah. (Josiah later became a member of the U.S. Congress (1803-05 and 1817-19) and in 1814 built Locust Lawn, in nearby Gardiner, NY.) On a large family landholding just north of the village, Major Hasbrouck built a substantial Dutch-style stone house with three rooms and a central hall; he moved there with his wife and 19-year-old younger son, Jacob J., where they operated a farm.

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August 2021
Fun Fact – Hasbrouck Brown

Did you know that there is a paint color that has our name? Read on.

If you own a home, you are very familiar with the many kinds of paints available – and so many colors! Did you know that there are over 900 shades of white alone? Several of the paint manufacturers produce historic colors.

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