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Colonel Abraham Hasbrouck Diary Excerpt

Below is the transcribed text of the first pages of the original diary, where grandson Abraham describes the life of Patentee Abraham. Misspellings do not detract from the content, but do provide a challenge to read. However, it is worthwhile to read:
A Short Chronology account of the Pedigree of the family of Abraham Hasbroucq and his Descendants of their Births, Deaths and Severall Occurrences, that has Happened in the Life Time of his Grand Son, Abraham Hasbrouck, The Son of Joseph Hasbrouck, being the Eldest Sons son of the said Abraham Hasbroucq, being the eldest son, sons of
Abraham Hasbroucq deceased Viz: Abraham Hasbroucq, he Was a Native of France of The Town of Calais, and
finding The Troubles and oppressions and persecutions coming on the Protestants. In France, it being before
the Revocation of the One page of the Col. Abraham Diary……….

to be continued  see  HFA Journal for February 2024

Historic Matthew Hasbrouck House – Convis, MI

Throughout the 1800’s, there are countless stories of Americans’ wanderlust – traveling westward to frontier states and territories. Matthew Hasbrouck and his bride, Hannah Elting, followed this path. Eventually, they purchased a stone house in Convis Township, located near Battle Creek, Michigan.

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